I joined the British Cactus & Succulent Society!

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At the time of writing this, I’m officially the newest member of the British Cactus and Succulent Society or BCSS for short!

Lee holding the unopened membership pack that was just delivered. The pack is in  a see through envelope, with postage stamps and my address has been blurred out for security.
My BSCC Membership pack has arrived! I’ve blurred out my address for security

I’ve been a member of the BCSS Facegroup group for a while now.

I say, member, I’m actually more of a ‘lurker’. I pop in there whenever I need some specific help on something or new ideas.

There are plenty of very knowledgeable members in there and almost every question I’ve had has already been answered. It’s been a treasure trove of information to me.

With that in mind, it was about time that I joined the society as a member so I could get involved personally and also I felt it was a way to support their great work.

What did I receive in my membership pack?

My shiny new membership card which grants me free access to not only my local Birmingham branch but also around 70 other locations across the UK.

There are also meetups, conventions, and talks spread throughout the year that I’ll be able to attend! This is where I see the real value of the membership.

My membership card attached to a welcome leaflet which tells me about the BSCC and a bit about the society.
My shiny new membership card!

I’ve never been before but I definitely will now as it’s the main reason I joined.

I’m already looking forward to meeting other growers, checking out their collections, and picking the brains of more experienced people.

I’m sure I’ll come away with a couple of new babies myself!


I’ve received 4 packs of cacti and succulent seeds which I’m very excited about!

I’ve only ever grown plants that I’ve purchased from a nursery/garden center and while I enjoy propagating my own, I’ve never actually grown from seed.

4 packs of seeds which I received in my membership pack from bcss, I got 1 pack of cactus seeds and 3 succulents.
I haven’t grown from seed before so I’m very excited!

I’ll be sowing these when the weather warms up here in the northern hemisphere (March/April) as we enter the growing season here in the UK.

They’ve also provided detailed information on seed raising that I’ll be following closely when I get stuck in.

I’ll be sure to write a detailed follow-along for you so you can try seed-raising yourself!

Tons of guides and helpful info!

I’ve been sent 10 beautiful information sheets with specific growing information for here in the UK which also applies to most of the northern hemisphere (although you may have to adapt some of the information depending on where you live).

I like to think I know the basics, but the sheet on growing from seeds is especially helpful.

Ten imformation sheets related to growing cacti and succulents spread out on my living room floor

Other information that I received was;

  • Dealing with pests and diseases
  • Information on the growing year
  • Where can you grow cacti & succulents?
  • Soil and potting
  • Propagation

There’s also more specific info on certain cacti and succulents such as;

  • Forest cacti
  • Howarthias
  • Mesembs (the cool little succulents that look like stones)

Not forgetting my pen & car sticker….

How much did it cost Me?

It only costs £20 (GBP) for a whole year’s membership.

I was surprised that anyone could join regardless of where you are in the world.

Non uk membership costs £30 per year (around $38 USD)

Over to you

I’m not affiliated with the BCSS in any way but I’m excited about my new membership and wanted to show you some of the benefits.

If you’re interested, you can become a member of the BCSS here.

Alternatively, you can join the fantastic Facebook group for free!

Let know if you join either in the comments section below.

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